EndowArts Fund

Established in 2016, the EndowArts Fund is an endowment fund held and professionally managed by the Selkirk & District Community Foundation. Donations made to the fund are invested permanently, with the investment income being used to provide grants to non-profit community organizations promoting the growth and developments of the arts.  As a new fund, the EndowArts Fund must wait three years once the minimum balance of $10,000 is established (expected in fall 2017) before it begins providing grants. The first grants are expected to be made in the spring of 2021.



EndowArts Steering Committee

The development of the EndowArts Fund is led by the EndowArts Steering Committee, a volunteer group of local citizens committed to promoting and strengthening the arts in the region.  The committee will also advise the funds granting decisions once it has ‘matured’ and begins granting (expected in 2021)


Committee membership is made up of local residents invited to participate due to their participation within the arts community or the skills they bring to the committee’s work.

The committee is an unincorporated, non-profit association that works independently from, but in support of, the EndowArts Fund.